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Horsemanship in Action
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And people sign up for these clinics???
While we're at it
2 hour round pen session by well known clinician
Amazing Horse & Horseman!! Methods?
True Self Carriage
Another dressage question
Leg position on the circle
So much horsemanship
Comparing states of mind
Clinician bashing
Hello out there?
On being "Prepared" - Bringing a racehorse from tr
An "aha" morning
Approximating the deal
Learning from our mistakes
Preparation to the position
6yr old gelding! trying to rebreak!
What my horse has shown me about me.
Laying horses down
7 Clinics with Buck
A tricky horse
Unbelievable footage from GOC dvd
Multiple horses - limited time. Strategies?
Adventures in Riding Lessons
Timing and Presentation
Imprinted colts vs Ranch colts
Sally Swift
SS Question
Ricky Quinn Clinic Notes VI--colt starting
Ricky Quinn Clinic Notes V--support
Ricky Quinn Clinic Note IV--transitions
Ricky Quinn Clinic Notes III--backing
Ricky Quinn Clinic Notes II--getting in time with the feet
Ricky Quinn Clinic Notes I--the feet before the bend
Deal Breakers
Goals for the Future
The Circling Game
Flexion and Karmel Timmons
The teeter
Rearing vs. Bucking
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"In riding a horse, we borrow freedom." Helen Thompson